The corporate ability to transform is essential in today’s world of constant change, and yet most transformations fail. What is really driving this failure, and what are businesses doing right now to make sure they buck the trend and succeed?

At Argon & Co we help our clients transform their operations, and we have been doing this globally for two decades. Transformations are complex with many bumps in the road, and

this year we are drawing on our experiences to publish our views on how to successfully build the

 capability and mindset to tackle the journey.

As extra input to this insight, we invite you to add your own thoughts and experiences via our Transformation Trends survey. This needs to be completed by 15th October 2021, and we are pleased to offer respondents early sight of the outputs and analysis, as well as the opportunity to join follow-up discussions with other industry leaders based around the findings.

We are very excited about taking the conversation around building transformation capability to the next level, and hope you will be part of it.

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